about the project

In 2018, Marilú Alvarado-Hernández and Crystal Bi Wegner visited the island of Puerto Rico to collect stories from residents in the wake of Hurricane Maria. After the storm, families were unable to get in touch with their loved ones and information from the government and media - such as the death toll - were false. Marilú and Crystal were frustrated with the lack of aid being sent to the island and the misinformation in the media. Their project hopes to elevate the voices of Puerto Ricans about their own experience after the storm. The episodes of this podcast highlight stories of resilience and the strength of the Puerto Rican people. 

Marilú and Crystal are both Boston Public School teachers at Margarita Muñiz Academy in Jamaica Plain. They hope that the resources from this website can be used for curriculum to study US-Puerto Rican relations and history as well as bring to light the hardships and resilience in the wake of natural disasters. 


Meet The Team

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Marilú Alvarado-Hernández

Marilú is one of the founders of the Margarita Muñiz Academy - a bilingual public high school in Boston. She teaches 11th grade Spanish Humanities and has organized and led her students on international service learning trips to Cuba and Peru.  


Crystal Bi Wegner

Crystal is a multimedia artist and educator. Crystal is passionate about accessibility in arts education and art as a vehicle for social change. She teaches Sound Art & Recording and Visual Art at the Margarita Muñiz Academy - a bilingual Public High School in Boston. 

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Pizza Shark

Pizza Shark is a full service journalism and multimedia production company working with clients worldwide and founded by Isis Madrid and Maria Murriel.


Sophie Greenspan

Sophie Greenspan is a graphic designer and visual artist based in Mexico City, Mexico. 

Green Leaves

Tayler fernandes nunez

Tayler Fernandez-Nuñez is a student in her final year at Northeastern University studying mathematics. She has experience in radio through Zumix Radio in East Boston and is also a musician.  

Two Flamingos

Eloise Biscoe

Eloise is a retired Boston Public School teacher. She worked for decades at the Rafael Hernandez School - a bilingual K-8 school in Jamaica Plain. She is currently working on a podcast focused on teachers.